Welcome to our website! Sexual Growth and Healing is dedicated to providing group workshops and personalised coaching sessions for couples in sexuality. We use sexological bodywork to help promote intimate relating and emotional healing, and teach advanced bedroom skills you won’t find anywhere else.

Our ethos is to take the best of what is out there from a range of modalities, and present it in a no-nonsense format. Drawing on Taoist and Tantric sexual practices, traditional bodywork, acupressure, basic psychology, breathwork, and the modern physiological approaches used by sexologists worldwide, we incorporate what is most useful in order to achieve:

  • Improved communication and intimacy with your partner;
  • Emotional healing around sexual wounding;
  • Self-confidence in and out of the bedroom;
  • Multiple orgasm for men, and multiple orgasm and ejaculation for women;
  • Healthy, flowing sexual energy to energise and inspire you in life.

Our workshops and private sessions incorporate the following:

  • Communication skills for intimate relationships;
  • Detailed anatomical information on male and female pleasure centres, what they can do, where they are located;
  • How to give genital massage for emotional release and orgasm for both sexes, including stimulation of the female g-spot and clitoris, and the prostate of both sexes.
  • How to use breath and visualisation to move erotic energy around.
  • Sex skills and education for men, women and couples (of any gender and sexual orientation).

Pleasure Workshops from Sexual Growth & Healing from Paul Kay on Vimeo.